Monday 30th January 2023

Another walk to Ardoch and the Three Cottages (6.3 miles).

I have not been doing many long walks recently. My time was taken putting a new kitchen in our church. It is now finished so with a good forecast it was time for a walk – an old favourite.

I had lunch and then headed up the road. This field is just above our house.

This is it less than two weeks ago.

Looking out to the Sutors of Cromarty.

Oh no! A light shower came my way and I thought – are you wise? It soon passed on. I did get to enjoy a beautiful rainbow.

One mile up the road.

Beinn Tharsuinn above Strathrusdale.

This old bridge up the road has been held together with scaffolding for a couple of years now.

Here is the turn off to curve round to the back of Ardoch.

A wee bit on the view back to Wester Lealty is lovely. Beinn Tharsuinn is the hill in the background.

But all the while there is the reminder this is not wild country. These power-lines come from the Novar Windfarm.

A bit Tolkienesk. There could be Orcs! 

The way through the fence at Ardoch.


I stopped to eat at Ardoch in the old cottage. Some crisps and chocolate, with Pepsi Max.

Looking over to Beinn Tharsuinn.

Looking back to Ardoch.

The old cottage at Upper Baddans is falling into worse disrepair.

The ford below Lower Baddans.

Looking back in the direction I have come from.

Between here and the deer-watch-tower is getting more overgrown.

I always have to go up the tower.

I then took the shortest way home returning to the Boath road. Just a lovely walk on a lovely day. It took 2.5 hours.