Monday 6th February 2023

A very wee scooter run to Shandwick (48 miles), a wee walk (1.9 miles) and a picnic.

The forecast was for 8°C today. I just needed a wee adventure – go for a picnic on Shandwick beach. That is enough of an adventure for me!

I left home in the late morning and went down to Alness. I dropped off the church collection at the bank.

I then headed to Invergordon and through Saltburn passing Mairi and Graham’s house. The next two pictures were taken just outside Barbaraville.

Looking out to the Sutors of Cromarty. Just look at how horribly industrial it has become. Do we thank Mr MacGregor for giving employment or spit at him for spoiling the scenery? The mountain in the distance to the right of the cranes is Ben Rinnes (2733ft).

This next photo was taken just beyond Kildary showing the green of the winter barley.

Above Shandwick. You can see along to Balintore and Hilton. These ‘Seaboard’ villages all run into each other.

The hills of Sutherland are showing.

I parked at Shandwick beach car-park.

I walked along the ‘Path of Good Health’ which takes you almost a mile South by the shore.

The strange ‘bus stop’, nowhere near a road!

At the end is a kind of camping or barbecuing area, maybe for the Scouts. I stopped here, well you can go no further, and had my picnic. I used Hugh’s amazing stove again to make a LIDL equivalent ‘Pot Noodle’ and some coffee. I also had a packet of LIDL equivalent ‘Ringos’ and a Tunnock’s Log. It was a very windy day but here it was sheltered and I was sweating in all my biker clothes.

I returned mostly along the beach.

I got back to the scooter, packed my stuff and put my rubbish in a bin, then headed to Tain. I found a new route for me that passed near a loch. Looking at the map later it is Loch Eye. I will have to find a route that goes near it some day soon.

This is just coming into Tain at Knockbrek. Looking North to Sutherland.

I went to ASDA to get petrol. It has shot up in price again. 

It was than following familiar old roads out to Edderton and then onto the road to Aultnamain. This is from part way up the road looking to Struie Hill.

And looking to Beinn Tharsuinn.

It was then just going over the Struie Road to home. I love a wee time like this.