Friday 16th June 2023

A walk with Anne to the Carn Liath Broch (5.7 miles).

We are having the most amazing weather at the moment. In retirement Anne and I try and take a day each week to ourselves. So today we went up to Sutherland, to Golspie. You used to be able to park in Golspie without paying a penny. Now you have to pay at either car park. Greed. At least the public toilet is now free. However we managed to park on the High Street and we went to ‘Poppies’ to get something to eat.

Anne had a scone, I had millionaire shortbread. We headed to the ‘Dairy Park’. I was born in Golspie and as a baby my mum and Auntie Chrissie would take me in my pram with my cousin Mary in her pram for walks along the ‘Dairy Park’. Back to the present – we had a bit of a wobble finding a lane to take us down to the shore. We followed the shore round to the ‘Dairy Park’. Looking back to Ben Bhraggie with the monument to the Duke of Sutherland on the summit.

This beautiful building is just at the start of the ‘Dairy Park’ by a ford that allows cars to cross the Golspie Burn. There is a footbridge for pedestrains.

The ford has just been resurface with concrete. I wonder how they did it under the water. How did they pour, screed and then let the concrete set. Concrete will set under water.

Across the park Dunrobin Castle is starting to show.

This strange tower is at the corner of the Dunrobin Castle garden walls.

It is like a castle out of a fairy tale.

The bluebells are past but the rhodedendrons are out now.

Maybe half a mile beyond the castle you leave the woods and come out onto a field with cattle in it.

Some way along the field is this gate to another field. The cattle roam between the two. There was not much feeding in the second field so you wonder why the cattle don’t go to the first where there was plenty grass.

A bit under 3 miles we came to the Carn Liath Broch. After looking at it we had a wee and well earned rest.

At the time of Jesus Christ I wonder who walked up and down these steps?

We came back to near the castle where we had our picnic looking out over the sea. We then made our way back across the ‘Dairy Park’ to Golspie and went by the High Street to the car. We called in at Lindsay & Co just before reaching the car. Another lovely walk.