Friday 18th August 2023

A walk with Charlie up Ben Wyvis (9.1 miles).

Charlie (or David), my son, and I do this walk every year. Usually the first Friday after the school term begins. We have done this since my children were in secondary school. It gives us a little feeling of holiday before the big lead up to winter.

We used my old Ford Fusion to drive out to Garve. I have just fitted a new clutch to the Fusion and it is like a Ferrari! We started walking just before 4.00. It was very windy. This is getting out of the forest.

We stopped at the big stone for a rest and started to put on more clothes. It was quite noticeable that only Ben Wyvis had cloud on it! All around the hills were clear.

Looking down on Little Wyvis at last.

We stopped to eat our tea a bit below the first summit. It was bitterly cold and we put on even more clothes.

We went up to the first summit (An Cabar) and then headed along the ridge and reached the main summit at about 6.55. This is slower than usual. I did find it hard but it is just 4 months to the day since I had my surgery. I do feel well but am probably about 95% of my usual fitness. It was bitterly cold, blowing a tornado and we were in the cloud.

The ‘view’ from the summit.

When we arrived back at the first summit the cloud lifted and we got views. The main summit is under that pile of cloud in the centre. We met a woman in shorts and a vest top. I was scared she was going to go on because she was not dressed for the conditions. It was a relief to see her head down. She was fit and overtook us. I could hardly get my rucksack back on because of the wind. One of my gloves was snatched away by the wind but Charlie found it!

A long way down.

We kept plodding downwards and got back to the car about 9.05 so it took 5 hours and 10 minutes. We have done in in under 4 hours in the past. The midgies were out and devouring us. Another great walk with Charlie.