Tuesday 19th December 2023

A walk round Forres with Anne and Mairi (6.2 miles).

Mairi took a day off work to go out with her aged parents. The forecast was not great for home but to be nice out East.

I drove us to Forres and as usual we went to Mackenzie & Cruickshank for a scone. I then parked the car at Grant Park and we headed off on our windy walk. It is one the three of us have done before.

We started our walk at about 10.55 and set off along Victoria Road. I’ve never stopped at the Witches Stone. Not a very nice was to treat people no matter how badly you think of them.

We headed to Kinloss.

Past the Sueno’s Stone.

And over the A96.

At Kinloss we turned left to follow Waterford Road. This curves round to go back to Forres.

Waterford Road comes back into Forres by the Benromach Distillery.

We had to ‘illegally’ cross the railway track.

We came up by the Burn of Mosset.

And had a picnic in the park below the High Street. Mairi kindly fed us.

It is very strange but some blossom was trying to show.

The impressive St Laurence Parish Church.

The High Street with the Tolbooth ahead. We went to a few charity shops and to Savers.

We got back to the car at Grant Park at about 1.50. It was just lovely to be out with Mairi for a wee walk. We stopped in Nairn at the industrial estate to go to Sainsbury’s and Home Bargains. It was wet when we got home. Makes you feel smug.