Saturday 9th March 2024

A walk from Glenmore to beyond Ryvoan Bothy and back (7.8 miles).

This was my birthday treat arranged by Mairi. Next Saturday which is nearer my birthday was out because of other arrangements. We met Mairi and Graham in Inverness at the Vue car park. Graham then drove us down to Aviemore and onto Glenmore. He parked just beyond Loch Morlich. Mairi and Graham treated us at the cafe at Glenmore Forest Park Visitors Centre. Anne and I had a scone. The young couple a mint slice. I used to wonder why old people seemed to eat plain stuff. Now I know.

We then headed along the track that passes Glenmore Lodge (the National Outdoor Training Centre). The weather was bitterly cold with a very slight hint of drizzle. But it was a gradual uphill ascent and that always helps warm you up.

We came out the trees for a while.

And we reached An Lochan Uaine ( the Green Lochahn). The water has a greenish colour because of an algae that grows in it.

We continued up Ryvoan Pass to the bothy. We went in just to have a look and had it to ourselves. We sat for five minutes sheltering from the cold. We decided to walk a wee bit further and then come back to the bothy for our lunch to get shelter from the bitter wind that was blowing from the North.

This selfie is a bit fuzzy because of the low light in the bothy.

I agree entirely with the sentiment of that leaflet which was in the bothy. Our wild places are being ruined by the so-called environmentalists with wind turbines and the cabling to take the power to join up with the national grid. Now I presume the idea is safety. You must have a signal in Ryvoan Pass in case someone is hurt or injured! Too much coddling. Too many snowflakes.

But we continued another mile and a half or so along the track. I gather it goes on to Nethybridge.

It is wild country out here.

We got as far as this bridge. We may walk in from the other side some time so this bridge will mark where we have to reach.

We came back to Ryvoan Bothy and had lunch there. We met a Canadian couple. When they left an Italian ‘couple’ came in. But they weren’t a couple, they had only met up that morning. They were doing serious camping. He had been out for a week camping in snow high up! Then a couple from Dundee came in. I t is amazing who you meet in a bothy. We had a lovely lunch provided by Mairi and Graham. I even had hot coffee.

We headed back down to the car. We went into Aviemore to Home Bargains and ALDI. Then it was back to Inverness where we picked up our own car. A lovely birthday treat. Thanks Mairi and Graham.