Thursday 28th March 2024

A walk from Turrif (6.1 miles).

Today we went on a new adventure, a bus run to Turrif. These bus passes are the golden ticket for us older people! At Turrif we went on a walk to a pond on the Burn of Lancarty. I’m a bit pathetic as at the start I was stressed out. I wasn’t sure which was the correct bus stop to get off at and then my Etrex 20 (GPS) failed to load the track I had downloaded. I used my phone to navigate at the start and then thankfully got the Etrex 20 working.

We got off the bus at Tesco on the Queen’s Road. We walked down to a sports field and followed the Burn of Turrif for a while and then came to the outskirts of the town. Here a nice path took us up parallel to the River Deveron. We have seen it a few times this holiday!  A man was working putting up this sign. Like Johnny Cash we walked the line keeping a close watch on our hearts and keeping our eyes wide open most of the time! He gave us advice as to the route. We couldn’t make it to Wrae Lake as we had to catch a bus back. If we missed the 2.45 bus there wasn’t another for 2 hours.

A wee bit up the path we came to this seat and stopped for our lunch.

The day was a bit overcast and cool but not as cool as it’s been.

After lunch we plodded on. We were following the old railway track that ran between Turrif and Macduff. On an embankment we looked down on a nature reserve.

It is fearful to think that these embankments were constructed by  men with picks, shovels and barrows. It seems such a waste of effort now that the trains no longer run but they do make great walks.

We eventually reached the pond at the Burn of Lancarty. A quick look round and we headed back. We just couldn’t risk loitering and taking time.

Anne coming down to the pond. There are definite hints of spring. Green is starting to show.

The River Deveron showing through the trees.

This part of the track had duckboards to keep feet dry. The trees had really fallen in here.

We got back to the outskirts of Turrif and went back through the town to get to our bus stop.

We arrived for our bus with 15 minutes to spare. The bus stop sign had been knocked down but a nice man told me where the bus stop was. It is marked with huge yellow writing on the tar but you don’t think of looking down to see a bust stop!

Across the road was the stop we arrived at.

Heading back. It was a really nice trip out and back on the bus. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes.

We had a wee rest in the cottage and then went out for a Chinese takeaway – a chicken Chow Mein which was rather tasty. Another lovely holiday day.