My son Charlie (David to most people) and Kirsty got married on 9th August 2013 in the Reformed Presbyterian Church on Gardiner’s Street in Glasgow. They are two smashing young people.


My diary entry for the day – “Manor Park Guest House. Dave & Kirtsy’s wedding. Up 7.00. Breakfast at 8.00. Damp start, lovely later. Put Mairi to the Irvines, Danes Drive for 9.00. Then found the boys didn’t have the right ties2ticket for kilts so Aiden & I rushed into centre. Train from Hyndland to Queen St. Then back out. All very nervous. I went to Sainsbury’s to get stuff for a picnic. We ate. I put the boys and flowers to church. Then back for Anne & Ruth. Kenny Stewart – a magnificent service. Then we headed to¬†Strathblane Country Park. I took Anne, Hugh and Ruth. Ages for photos. Dave & Aiden did super speeches. I didn’t go to the dance. I took Aunt Jeana and Valeen back to Milngavie and chatted for a while. Then came into Glasgow. I came here to guest house and ate a bit. Then went to Chamberlane Road and parked. Took a walk down Woodend Drive and behind the lanes for old time’s sake. Then headed back to Strathblane. Saw Dave & 3placeKirsty leave. Talked with Bill & Roddy. Then took Aiden, Ruth & Hugh back to Glasgow to guest house. Back out to Strathblane. Said goodbyes to the Irvines and others. Then at last back here at 1.00. The service was fantastic. I don’t like socialising. That’s me. But my wee boy who I love beyond words is married and so pleased to see him

Here are some photos taken by Chris and Jean – thanks both. They take smashing photos.

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