30th June 2011

Migdale Round Cycle

I like to take a longer route home from school if the weather is nice. So here’s a 44 mile detour via Sutherland In the morning I cycled to the school where I work. I did my days work though with the holiday coming up it wasn’t a heavy day! I called at the local supermarket to get my favourite cycling meal – a pork pie, a packet of crips, a Mars bar and all washed down with a can of Coke. I stowed this in the box I always have on a wrack. I headed to Kildary and than up onto the Scotsburn road. Stopped at the Aldi Burn entrance to have a wee rest. One of my favourite cycles through Strat Rory starts here. I do that one after school quite often.

Then its an easy downhill to Tain and onto the Cromarty Bridge. There was a bit of a head wind, enough to make you feel the extra effort. I also passed through a light shower but that soon moved off.

I stopped about a mile short of Spinningdale for my nutritious picnic. Enjoyed every unhealthy mouthful. I just stopped beside the road.

Coming down to Bonar Bridge – this is Loch Migdale.

And Bonar Bridge itself.

I cycled on past Ardgay and onto the Struie Road. Now I find this about the worst climb in the area. But I split it in two taking a break at the Telford bridge before going on to the viewpont.

Reached the viewpoint

And cycled on past Autnamain to the Strath Rory Bridge another Telford bridge.

Nearly home

And home, not feeling too bad after a day’s tally of 50 miles.