January 18th 2014

A walk with Anne round Strathrusdale.

Strathrusdale runs parallel to our valley at Boath. The walk starts just above Inchlumpie. We parked the Mini at the opening to the forest track across the road and headed up the Strathrusdale road. There are new houses built here which spoil the look of the valley. People trying to attain something destroy what they are trying to attain! We headed past the old school and up to the mill at Braeantra.

100_5200 100_5201 100_5202 100_5203 100_5204 100_5205
Here is the start to the Kildermorie Estate. The road used to be marked for it but this is the sign now. I don’t know what Garbhan Rock is.

Looking back you can see the old mill wheel and the laid leading to it.

We went on to the bridge over Black Water and it was obvious it was January 18th. There’s a lot of ice about. On the 18th of January there is an extra hour of daylight compared to December the 21st, the shortest day. The next hour of daylight will be on February the 1st. But it’s still winter.

100_5208 100_5209 100_5210 100_5211 100_5212 100_5214
Here’s my Christmas Present using TalkyToaster maps. Bang on!

Then we headed on the road that goes past Loch Bad a Bhathaich and onto Kildermorie. Before we reached Loch Bad a Bhathaich we turned left to head back down the other side of Strathrusdale on the forest track. We have lived near here for almost 31 years and never done this walk before. It was lovely.

100_5216 100_5217
The turn off to go back.

100_5218 100_5219
Not far along we stopped for our lunch. I love picnics. But you can’t wait long as you get too cold. Here’s Anne enjoying hers wearing her ‘lugs’ hat.

This weird frozen puddle was just in front of us.

And this was the view out to Beinn Tharsuin.

But we had to keep going and just started getting a glimpse of Strathrusdale again.

100_5223 100_5224 100_5226 100_5227 100_5228 100_5229 100_5230 100_5231
But it started to rain and it rained enough to get us good and wet.

100_5232 100_5233
Photos are getting ‘fuzzy’ with the rain. Across Strathrusdale to Beinn Tharsuin.

100_5234 100_5236
The old school is about the centre of the photo.

And here’s one of the new houses! It must be fantastic from inside but it spoils the wildness of the place.

100_5238 100_5239 100_5240 100_5241
We got down to Inchlumpie and crossed Black Water again. It joins the Averon near here.

The bridge was covered in ice so we took care. You don’t want to fall either side!

100_5243 100_5244
And headed back towards the Strathrusdale road taking care on the ice.

100_5245 100_5246
Looking to our side to where the Novar Windfarm is.

Then we reached the road kind of damp and soggy.

100_5252 100_5251
And back to my wee car. A great walk, 9.52 miles.