8th August 2014

Anne and I went for a wee walk down the River Conon from Easter Moy to Dunglass Island. Of course we went there in the Mini. Here it is parked at Easter Moy.

You can cross the river by the swing bridge but we headed down the river.

This is Brahan Rock. There were some climbers on it.

We reached Dunglass Island. It was all a bit confusing here. The water seems to pour under your feet as you get onto the island. We sat on the wee seat – very civil.

This is the track onto the island. There was a man fishing – you can just make him out. He was chatting away on his phone the whole time using a bluetooth handsfree set. There were lots of fishermen. We never saw them catch anything. I don’t think you do. The joy seems to be just standing in deep cold water for the day.

This next photo was taken a week later when Anne and I came back walking to Dunglass Island from Maryburgh. The river has risen massively. You could not rely on getting down this way!

Back to today’s trip.

IMG00277-20140808-1510 IMG00278-20140808-1510 IMG00279-20140808-1510 IMG00280-20140808-1510
Heading back. At one point going onto the island the water comes through at fearsome power. It seems was a salmon trap.

IMG00281-20140808-1517   IMG00282-20140808-1517IMG00284-20140808-1521
A lovely meander through the woods.

This suspension bridge is very wobbly.

We got back just before the rain. We dashed back in the Mini to pick up my wallet and went to the Skiach for fish and chips for tea.