A walk from Fortrose to Avoch and back

19th September 2015

Anne, Mairi and myself went for a wee walk from Fortrose to Avoch and back. We were to have gone up to Thurso but were not needed. This turned out to be a lovely walk. Mairi took her car. She has named it Rhudi! We parked by the Cathedral and walked to Church Street. Mairi went to the COOP to get Paracetamol as she had a headache but they wouldn’t serve her thinking she might be under age! She had no ID so had to come and get us. Why do I not need ID? I look ancient. We followed Church Street till the houses stopped. It continues onto Killen.

100_6826 100_6827
At the sign to Insch we turned left and followed this road to Avoch.

100_6829 100_6830 We saw this abandoned little house. A nice one for Mairi!

100_6832 100_6833 100_6834 100_6835 100_6836 100_6837 We stopped for lunch and picnicked in a harvested field. There were swallows feeding above us. They must be nearly ready for off. I hate when the swallows go. It was a lovely picnic.

100_6839 You can see the plume of steam from ‘Norboard’ near Ardersier.

100_6840Got to have a selfie.

100_6844 Here we are getting near Avoch. Its picture postcard scenery.

100_6845 100_6846 We went down into Avoch as I needed the loo. Anne was brave enough to ask in the COOP. There was one at the harbour.

100_6847 100_6848 100_6849 100_6850 We crossed over the road and took a path shown on my Etrex 20 using Talkytoaster maps. It led us up to Braehead where we should have been if I had not needed my diversion.

100_6851 100_6852 100_6853 100_6855 At the end of Braehead to cut beside a house onto the old Black Isle Railway. Must have been lovely when it ran. I can remember as a boy the track still being there. It closed in ’61.

100_6857 100_6858 100_6860 100_6861 We had a wee rest on a wee seat.

100_6862 Beside an inscribed stone.

And then we got back to Fortrose. The guide we used was wrong here. Since it was written a whole lot of new houses have been built.

We went to the COOP to get some messages. Then the Cromarty baker for cakes. And then back to the car.

100_6867 100_6868 Mairi took us a wee drive round the Black Isle. We had our cakes at Balblair where I spilled a whole does of juice down my breeks. So we had to come home! A lovely walk.