Travelodge, Ratho Station, Edinburgh

We got up at 6.50 am. Not a bad day, but cold for July. Anne and I went for a walk up the road to the mile point. Still arranging one or two things for our trip. Went to church.

We came home and had our dinner and a rest. Then packed the Fusion and headed south and just kept motoring till we reached Halbeath. The Fusion’s engine management light has been on. I reset the light and it has stayed off all the way south. Hope it resolves itself. We used the loo and got our bearings and caught a bus – the Jet747 at 5:18 over to here. It dropped us off at a bus stop just across from the Travelodge at Ratho Station. We are in room 117. We had a bit of a hassle with the card key (country boy in Paris!). We had our tea (just sandwiches and crisps) and settled in. Walked to the airport 2.2 miles which took 40 minutes. Had a look round the terminal and got our bearings for tomorrow. Came back round the back of Ingliston which took slightly longer and was 2.3 miles.

We are in our room now for the evening. It is 8:20 pm. We will go to bed early and get up at 4.30 am to walk to the airport. If we leave at 5.05 we should be there at 5.45. We are a bit apprehensive. Listened to one of Hugh’s sermons contrasting Jonathan with his father Saul. Watched the news. Attempted to sleep.