Friday 19th August 2016

Bill and I went on a wee trip to Durness.

I was hoping to take the scooter but it is still suffering from stator problems. We now work a 7 period day most days in Invergordon Academy but Friday is 5 periods so we finish at 1.10. I suggested to Bill I meet him at Bonar between 1.30 and 1.40. Not a chance. I didn’t get out the school till 1.20 so not in Bonar till 1.50. Poor Bill. 

We hadn’t eaten. Bill said there was a nice place at Balblair just outside Bonar so we went there. It was lovely. I actually didn’t recognise my brother when we met up in Bonar. He had that hat on. I thought he was an old Yank. We had something to eat and it was good to rest and chat.

We left about 2.25 moving onto Lairg where Bill got petrol.

And then headed north. The run passes through the most wild and stunning scenery. We cut off beyond Lairg onto the road to Laxford Bridge and Rhiconich. This is Loch Shin.

The heather is out just now.

Two trusty bikes – one old and one new.

The Proclaimers – “I’m on my way”.

This is Achfarry. Post card stuff.

And we reached the sea on the north west coast. This is by the Kyle of Durness. We had a bit more to eat. It had taken a while to get up here but we did stop to take a lot of pictures.

This must be Foinaven.

We then headed to Balnakeil, the end of the road, and reached there at 5.05.

I wonder who worshiped at Balnakeil all these years ago? I wish there was still worship in Balnakeil.

We had to push on through Durness, round Loch Eriboll to Hope and down the fantastic Hope road. We stopped just as we got onto the Hope road to relieve ourselves! The day is changing there is cloud right down on Ben Hope, the most northerly Munro. Loch Hope is beautiful.

Bill and I went up Ben Hope together many years ago. I’ve also done it with my two great sons and then another time with my lovely daughter. Family are an enormous and unexpected blessing.

We pushed down the ancient overgrown and broken road to the broch at Dornaigil. We went up onto the broch, a struggle for old men and despite the wind the midgies came out, the little brutes, so we had to get moving.

You can almost feel this. There are no hospitals near here. At least he didn’t have the hat on. He is a great brother, though, and I enjoy these excursions with him.

We pushed on to Altnahara, then stopped at Crask for a minute.

And then onto Lairg arriving at 7.30 and leaving at 8.20. Here we had chip suppers which took an age to come. This my meal, a chicken supper. They must have had to catch the chicken. I’m a great believer in healthy eating and balance in your diet – lots of carbohydrate and lots of fat.

And Bill’s.

As usual the old Yamaha had to let me down somehow – the lighting stopped working. Then the rain came and how. Bill was going to lead me home but he would have got soaked and cold so I told him to cut back to Dornoch. I had a hairy journey over the Struie in really bad light and got home soaked through, about 9.00 pm.

Another good adventure.