Friday 18th June 2021

A scooter run to beyond Loch Laggan (202 miles).

I got a text from Billy.

Hi Hughie. How are you all? Hope you had a good holiday. Forecast for Friday and Saturday looks good. Do you fancy a run on the scoots? Love Bill

Friday would be great but I have to be back for Deacons court at 7.30. Love Hugh

Ok. Any direction you prefer?

I’ll let you choose

So Billy decided on going down to Loch Laggan via the Farr/Slochd track and through Glen Feshie. We had done this last year but didn’t get through Glen Feshie due to a Satnav error. It tried to take us along an unpaved road.

Bill came down to ours for 9.30 and we headed off across the Black Isle. We went to ASDA in Inverness for the delightful goodies to keep us fortified for the day. I also took on petrol.

We then headed to Dunlichity where we had a wee picnic near the deceased relatives.

The Macqueens and Camerons. Mummy has had the stones cleaned and re-lettered. 

We headed to Farr via Brin. We had to stop at Loch Farr for photos.

And then headed up to Slochd by the hardcore single track. It climbs to over 1500 feet which is higher than Slochd Summit.

We had to go onto the A9 for a mile or so. This is at the lay-by on Slocd Summit. This is the old sign.

And this is the new sign.

We cut off to Slocd itself and went round by the old A9 to Carrbridge. After Carrbridge we went on to Dulnain Bridge and onto Boat of Garten. We stopped here for our lunch picnic.

It was just beside the Strathspey Railway depot. Here is an old diesel shunter.

But a steam train went past!

We had a lovely lunch which we did not share with the ducks.

This is further down looking to the Cairngorms. The valley is the Lairig Ghru between Cairn Gorm and Ben Macdui on the left and Bareriach and Cairn Toul on the right. I have been up them all as a younger man.

The road comes out at Kingussie. This is Ruthven Barracks just outside Kingussie.

We headed to Newtonmore where Billy got petrol. We swapped bikes as the navigation by Satnav was over. I had the route programmed into mine.

We stopped when we reached Loch Laggan.

Good old boys. We used to have great hair. We used to have nice tight necks. We used to have nice smooth skin. We used to have eyes like eagles. But we still have good teeth. Well we will see later.

We stopped after Spean Bridge but before the Commando Monument which would be mobbed by tourists.

We had a bit more to eat before pushing up the Great Glen. I was keeping the pace going as I had to be at my meeting at 7.30. It gave the day a slightly unrelaxed feel. We stopped by Loch Ness side at the Cobb memorial.

We went on to Drumnadrochit and branched left and then went on to Beauly via the Cul na Kirk. At Beauly I took on petrol and Billy went to get chip suppers. We sat on a seat by the old priory to eat. Here comes the teeth! We can never go off for a day without incident. This time it wasn’t the bikes. Bill broke a tooth eating his pizza. We really stopped eating then and headed home over the Black Isle. I reached the house about 6.45 while Billy headed over the Struie. So I made it for my meeting.

A lovely day. We passed through the most stunning countryside.

I hope Billy sees a dentist very soon.