May 5th 2014

Today, Anne and I walked from Golspie to Brora following the coast. There are paths most of the way. We have intended to do this walk for a while now.

We drove to Golspie and parked on Duke Street near the Dairy Park. I was born in Golspie and started school there. My dad was Free Church minister. My mum used to take me here as a wee boy, I believe while still in my pram!

We had a bite to eat in the car and left just after ten. We crossed the wee bridge beside the ford and headed across the Dairy Park to Dunrobin Castle. Anne was viewing horrible bits of old drift wood which I refused to carry!

100_5751 The grass was very wet after the night’s rain and I had on my new Tesco trainers! Dunrobin Castle is like a fairy tale castle and well worth visiting. But today we kept going. The track passes right in front of the castle. The sea wall was partially destroyed as we passed. I think that has happened since we were here last.

100_5755 100_5759 100_5757
Just beyond the castle the path bears into woodland and into a clearing. The bluebells here were just stunning. A carpet of bluebells. And they were not fully out. What will it be like in another week? There were other flowers, too. I just love the primroses. But what a God. John Piper describes Him as resplendent. He doesn’t just make one or two living organisms but a huge, unthinkable variety. There are still ones never seen by man. But this display took my breath away.

100_5763 100_5766
We pushed on, past the sign and out of the wee wood and through an old gate.

100_5764 100_5767
The track goes through a field of very quiet cows. But it was wet and muddy.

100_5769 100_5770
It’s best to keep near the shore and avoid the two very muddy gates. Go round the fence onto the shore. We passed the Carn Liath Broch.

100_5771 100_5775 100_5776
We have seen it several times so there was no need to deviate. Now we were on new territory. We passed this old tin barn. Seen better days. But it was packed full of old tyres. Why?

This lovely lady is my wife!

100_5780 100_5781
We kept to the field side a little longer but then went onto the beach. It was starting to get sandy. We had to cross a burn. Anne described it as the Tiber! I had kept my feet dry to now. Helping Anne across my foot slipped in. Oh dear. I had to stop and ring my sock out. Just off the beach was a waterfall and the pool it fell into gave the burn we had to cross.

100_5785 100_5786
The beach then got much sandier so we made good speed crossing it. We met a girl coming towards us and asked instructions how best to get into Brora. But she was Eastern European and knew Brora less well than us! She had a book with her. What a good idea. Sit out on a wild beach and read a nice book.

We kept going and met another girl with dogs. She gave us good instructions to go over a style and follow the grass track into Brora. This took us onto Market Street.

We passed the Fisherman’s Mission, then the Catholic Church and then the Free Church. Why is it that people who love Jesus can’t get on with and love each other. I include myself!

100_5791 100_5792
We went to the COOP and got juice (Pespi for me, Diet Irn Bru for Anne) and chocolate. We went to the public toilet. We also went to a wee thrift shop.

100_5793 100_5794 100_5795 100_5796
Then at about 12.30, our normal lunch time, we went down and sat on a bench outside the Catholic Church. Now I was really taken with this church. It wasn’t an attractive building. Modern in fact. But, it had a huge cross over the entrance. We in the Free Church look down on such icons. I wonder why? I know we can take our focus off our Saviour and worship the object. But isn’t the cross what it’s all about? Another thing I loved. It had the best name of any church I have ever seen – Christ the King Catholic Church. That’s who we worship, that’s who we love, that’s who we believe in – Christ the King.

100_5797 100_5798
About 12.50 we moved off on our return that bit stiffer and colder. I put my jacket on. We really went back the same way as we came. We found it easier to find the paths, and made quicker time. On the very sandy beach we saw two seals. We had seen a few seals on rocks in the sea as we were coming to Brora.

100_5803 100_5804
We stopped on the beach for a wee rest. It’s nice just to watch, listen and rest.

We recrossed the Tiber with more ease! I didn’t get my feet any wetter.

100_5807 100_5808 100_5812 100_5813 100_5817
We re-passed the bluebell wood.

100_5818 100_5819 100_5822 100_5823
And a short bit further on the castle

100_5826 100_5825 100_5827
We got back to the car just before 3. A lovely walk. 11.5 miles covered.

100_5833 100_5837 100_5836 100_5838 100_5835
I so enjoyed this stress free day.